As has been the case with nearly every holiday that has occurred during the last 11 months, Valentine’s Day will have to be celebrated differently this year.
Do you think it's easier to fall in love or strike it rich?According to a recent survey from TD, 49 per cent of respondents believe the former is the easier accomplishment.
A recent report suggests that some university students in Mississauga have found a creative way to avoid student debt. 
A popular dating app has launched a new video survey feature that gives singles a platform to debate divisive topics.
If the last three months of quarantine has you yearning for a little romance in your life, there's good news--Canadians are getting first access to a new dating app.
Hey guys, I have an idea. Next time you go on a date in Mississauga, change it up a little. Perhaps she is getting a little sick of the big box restaurant dates or the 50-minute ride to a Toronto restaurant and the $20 for parking charge that will inevitably accompany your road trip. 
Sticking with the dating theme, I was at a friend’s Halloween party last weekend, and I heard several of the guests talking about ghosting—a term for when people cease all communication with someon
Recently, I was talking to a friend about dating. He mentioned he went on a first date with a girl and it went really well, but he didn’t get a second date.
It's no surprise to anyone that mounting student debt via post secondary education is a huge issue for many students.
If you’ve been thinking about popping the question to your significant other this year you may have realized that there can be a lot of prep involved.