Thursdays in Peel are about to get a lot more exciting!
If you're looking for a unique Sunday activity (on a day with beautiful weather, no less), you might be happy to hear that an annual art event is running for most of the day in Mississauga.
It's hard to eke out a living as an artist, especially in places where people don't often expect to find great art (although if they look, they'll be pleasantly surprised).
While many GTA residents wouldn't dream of missing Nuit Blanche, the all-night art festival that takes over Toronto every fall, many have hoped for a more local artistic celebration.
Why do you love art?Is it because you know the art world closely? Perhaps an art history class in college got you a little interested. Or maybe because art usually makes you happy.
A long standing heritage structure, once an old industrial munitions facility, has been undergoing a facelift
Anyone who loves painting and booze will be excited to know that Mississauga’s bar scene is about to get a little more exciting!
Have you ever been to an auction?Some rare finds and the excitement of bidding is always in the air.
The last several years have seen the LGBTQ community making strides in society, yet outside Toronto you see little evidence of that progress.
While many people are aware that Mississauga has a rich local arts scene, not everyone is aware of how innovative—not to mention creative—it can truly be.