Liberals projected to sweep Halton, except one riding


Published September 20, 2021 at 9:14 pm

As polls close, incumbents are expected to retain their seats across Halton, with 4 Liberals and one Conservative among them

338 projects Burlington is likely to keep Liberal MP, Karina Gould who is polling with almost 48 per cent. The Conservative candidate Emily Brown follows with about 35 per cent. Brown is seen as having a 10 per cent chance of flipping the seat.

Milton is in the same boat, Liberal MP and former Olympic kayaker Adam van Koeverden has a 95 per cent chance of retaining his seat, with 48 per cent support. His chief competitor, Nadeem Ackbar of the the Conservative party, is projected to trail at 37 per cent support, per 338.

The Oakville riding is seeing a tighter race. 338 projects a 3 in 4 chance Anita Anand will retain her seat. However, Conservative Kerry Colborne is polling within 5 per cent of Anand’s support. Anand and Colborne are pulling 43 and 39 per cent respectively.

The Liberal lead continues in Oakville North—Burlington. Incumbent Pam Damoff leads with about 44 per cent. Her closest rival, Conservative Hanan Rizkalla, follows closely with about 39 per cent. As a result 338 give Rizkalla a 22 per cent chance of flipping the riding.

Meanwhile, Conservative Michael Chong is playing combo-breaker in Wellington—Halton Hills. 338 is projects the former leadership candidate is safe in his riding. He is dominating his race with 48 per cent support. Liberal Melanie Lang trails with 26 per cent, according to 338.

A candidate must have a 99 per cent chance of victory for 338 to consider a riding safe. Ridings have a 5 to 10 per cent margin of error.

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