LCBO Recalls Vodka With Extremely High Alcohol Content


It looks like the party’s over for people hoping to get extremely drunk off of exceedingly and alarming potent vodka.

The LCBO recently announced that it's recalling Georgian Bay brand vodka that "may be unsafe due to high alcohol content".

According to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA), one batch of vodka was bottled before it could be properly diluted, meaning the alcohol content clocks in at a potent 81 per cent as opposed to the usual 40 per cent.

The CFIA is advising consumers to avoid consuming the recalled product.

The affected products are sold in 750 mL bottles with a code that reads Batch 19. The bottles have UPC codes that read 6 27843 36216 6.

If you have this product in your home, the CFIA recommends you dispose of it or return it to the store (meaning it's probably not wise to drink it just to see what will happen).

So far, there have been no reported illnesses associated with consumption of the product (but we're sure it tastes really, really bad).

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