Laser aimed at Ornge ambulance helicopter while landing in Niagara Falls


Published August 26, 2022 at 6:31 pm

Someone pointed laser into the eye of a paramedic working aboard an Orange air ambulance helicopter early this morning.

According to a report issued from the Mississauga-based Ornge, the chopper was landing at the Niagara Falls Fire Hall. The green laser shined into the chopper and hit the paramedic in the eye.

The EMS crew were able to complete the transfer without delay. They later identified the laser as coming from Hamilton St. and Stanley Ave, a residential area across Fairview Cemetery from the Fire Hall.

“Arrivals and departures are critical phases of flight for the flight crew and require complete focus. Any distractions or injuries put the crew, patients and aircraft at risk,” Ornge said in a statement.

Per Ornge lasers can;

  • Distract pilots
  • Cause temporary or permanent blindness
  • Create a glare in the cockpit affecting pilot vision
  • Cause further injury to Ornge patients
  • Distract or injure Ornge paramedic

Orange filed both a Niagara Regional Police report and a Transport Canada Direct Bright Illumination Report. A person convicted of pointing a laser at a helicopter faces a $100,000 fine, up to five years in prison or both.

Anyone with information pertinent to the investigation can call NRPS at (905) 688-4111.



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