Large amounts of raw meat left in park sparks coyote concerns in Mississauga


Published March 17, 2023 at 4:08 pm

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Someone is intentionally leaving raw meat in a Mississauga park and officials are concerned about coyotes.

In January, City of Mississauga Animal Services staff noted a decline in coyote incidents leading officials to believe people were getting the message about feeding coyotes.

But it appears at least one person isn’t getting the message.

“Someone is intentionally setting large amounts of raw meat in Settler’s Green Park, which attracts coyotes,” said Ward 9 Councillor Martin Reid in a tweet.

The park is in Meadowvale and is opposite Settler’s Green Public School.

The first report of meat in Settlers Green Park was on March 7, Jay Smith, manager of Mississauga Animal Services tells

“Several additional reports of feeding have been received since that time, including 3 more separate reports of meat being found in the area today (March 17),” Smith said.

Smith added ground beef, full roasts and piles of chicken have been found in the park.

Wildlife feeding is prohibited under Mississauga’s Animal Care and Control Bylaw with the exception of the responsible feeding of small songbirds. Anyone caught breaking this bylaw could face fines from $300 up to a maximum of $100,000.

Animal Services has increased patrols of the area and installed temporary wire signage in the parks.

They also partnered with Coun. Reid’s office to get educational information out to the community. Regular coyote safety messaging has gone out on social media. And the city is connecting with schools in the area and providing them with educational material.

The city is also providing awareness information to community groups in the area.

Staff is looking into the use of mobile signs in the neighbourhood to help with awareness and education.

A recent Reddit post notes that meat was found in Settler’s Green Park between the tennis courts and the school, on the school side of the walking path.

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“I am not sure if the meat that has been thrown in the park is poisonous or has gone bad but if you have pets and they walk in the area then be careful,” the person wrote. 

Animal Services is investigating options for testing samples of the meat and will have more information about this in the coming days, Smith said.

It’s not the first time meat has been found in parks. In April last year, there were reports of people leaving plates of meat in public parks in Mississauga.

Although coyotes are normally wary of people, feeding them can result in dangerous interactions.

“Coyotes that are fed in residential neighborhoods can lose their fear of people and may eventually test humans (and pets) as possible prey,” the Urban Coyote Research Project notes.

In September, at least six coyote attacks were reported in Burlington after reports of people leaving food for the canines.

Click here more information on coyotes in Mississauga.

Anyone with information on the meat left in parks should contact 905-896-5858.

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