‘Just leave us alone,’ Oakville Trafalgar students tell persistent protesters


Published September 29, 2022 at 4:30 pm

A group of protesters stand outside of Oakville Trafalgar High School.

Oakville Trafalgar High School students aren’t holding back when it comes to expressing their views about ongoing protests in front of the Devon Rd. building.

“This is crazy,” said one male student, who was on his way to school with friends. “Why don’t they (the protesters) just leave us alone?”

While students who spoke to inhalton.com did not want to reveal their names over fears of repercussions from the crowd, they all said they are growing tired of what one student called “the circus” out front of the school every day.

Protesters have become a common presence at the school recently. They are there to voice their disapproval of a teacher who has shown up to class wearing large, fake breasts and a blonde wig. Some of the dissenters say the attire is inappropriate while others disagree with those who are transitioning to a different gender.

Online pictures of the Oakville Trafalgar High School teacher sporting a tight top has gone viral and garnered headlines locally and internationally. There are reports the school even received a bomb threat.

Halton Regional Police have been stationed at the school as a safety measure while keeping a close watch on the group of protestors who carry signs and are making calls for action against the teacher.

“I just want to go to school,” said a female student. “A lot of them don’t even have anything to do with the school.”

There have been no arrests made during the protests and the students themselves say they have not been threatened.

“We just want to go to class,” said another female student. “Someone asked me if I was forced to wear a mask in school. What does that have to do with any of this?”

Provincial Education Minister Stephen Lecce has asked the Ontario College of Teachers to review its standards for professionalism regarding the way the teacher dresses, while the Halton District School Board is reported to be conducting a review of its dress code.

While the school board hasn’t waded in publicly about the issue, last week it issued a statement saying the teacher in question had been misidentified.

Meanwhile, as for the continuing protests outside the school. Oakville Trafalgar students that inhalton.com talked with said they hope all this attention goes away soon.

“There are bigger things than this to worry about,” said a male student at the school.







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