Job postings still down compared to same time last year


While many provinces across the country are allowing more businesses to reopen, that hasn't necessarily transitioned to more job openings.

According to a recent report from Indeed, as of August 7, the total number of online job postings was down 27 per cent compared to the week prior.

Additionally, while the number of job postings is up compared to the April lows, there is still quite a way to go before they return to normal levels.

Further, the number of new job postings in Ontario is down three per cent since July 17, and 19 per cent compared to this time last year.

Moreover, some sectors have seen substantial rebounds when it comes to job postings, and, while they haven't returned to last year's levels, the gap has narrowed for construction, loading and stocking, as well as beauty and wellness--which include massage therapists and hairstylists.

Nursing job postings, which didn't fall much at the beginning of the pandemic, are also doing better than average.

One commonality that these sectors share is they feature jobs that usually aren't done remotely.

Images courtesy of Indeed

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