JJ Abram, Stephen King & James Franco Miniseries Set to Debut


Mississauga is headed to the little screen! 11/22/63 is an eight-part Hulu original miniseries that was penned by horror master Stephen King and produced by JJ Abrams. It stars James Franco and it’s set to debut on February 15. A lot of scenes were shot in Clarkson, Meadowvale and Lakeview. Check out the trailer below!

A teacher discovers a time portal that leads to 9/9/1958 and goes on a quest to try and prevent the assassination of John F. Kennedy, which is complicated by the presence of Lee Harvey Oswald and the fact that he's falling in love and the past itself.

Locations: Clarkson, Meadowvale and Lakeview 

11/22/63 (2016 TV Mini-Series)
Stars: James Franco
Writer: Stephen King
Producer: J.J. Abrams 

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