Japanese car brand customers could get up to $2,500 in a class action lawsuit in Ontario


Published March 20, 2024 at 12:23 pm

Japanese car brand customers could get up to $2,500 in a class action lawsuit in Ontario

Nissan customers in Ontario could claim up to $2,500 in a class action lawsuit.

Nissan has opted to settle two class action lawsuits that allege the company is responsible for a 2017 data breach, according to a Nissan settlement document.

The data breach involved an anonymous email from an unknown attacker on or around Dec. 11, 2017 claiming to have information about Nissan customers and demanding a ransom be paid to return the data, according to the document.

Personal information reportedly included names, addresses, credit scores, vehicle makes and models, vehicle identification numbers, loan amounts and monthly payments.

The class action lawsuits claim Nissan should be held responsible for the breach but Nissan doesn’t agree.

“Nissan does not admit any of the allegations, and none of the allegations have been proven,” the document states.

But both parties have decided to settle the lawsuit and Nissan has agreed to provide a settlement fund of $1,820,000 to pay settlement class member claims.

The two class action suits started in 2018 in Ontario and Quebec.

The one in Ontario is against Nissan Canada Inc., Nissan Canada Financial Services Inc., and Nissan North America, Inc. The approval hearing for the Ontario case is scheduled at the Ontario Superior Court of Justice on April 24, 2024.

After the approval hearing, customers can submit claims.

If the settlement is approved, class members who have suffered damages, losses, costs and/or unreimbursed expenses caused by the data incident would be eligible for the reimbursement of such damages up to $2,500.

But they must submit documentation proving the damages incurred as a result of the data incident.

Undocumented claims from settlement class members who do not have documentation or proof of damages will be able to submit a claim form for a $35 reimbursement.

For further information, see the Nissan data incident class action settlement website here.

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