It's Mom and Pop Business Owners Day, and they need our support more than ever


It’s March 29, which means it’s also Mom and Pop Business Owners Day, a North American tradition of recognizing small businesses and the value they provide to their communities.

While the timing and circumstances are a lot different this year — the ongoing COVID-19 crisis has forced all non-essential businesses to close, causing a lot of small businesses to suffer as a result — they also serve as an important reminder of why we need Mom and Pop Business Owners Day in the first place.

Small businesses are often the backbone of their community, and supporting them over big corporations (especially in these trying times) is a good way to ensure you’re putting your money back into your local economy and supporting the people around you.

So how can you endeavour to support small businesses during this pandemic?

Firstly, if you don’t have the finances needed to directly support them at this time, it may still be worth giving them a call or hitting up their social media pages to let them know you’ll be back when they’ve reopened their doors. A lot of residents are struggling right now, but it could make a business owner’s day to hear that they’re still appreciated by their community.

We here at have compiled an extensive list of restaurants that are offering delivery and take-out services (including restaurants that have just started offering these services to be able to stay in business). For residents trying to stay fit at home, we’ve also created a list of gyms and fitness centres that are offering online services or workout plans.

For other non-essential businesses that have been forced to close, such as small clothing stores, we recommend calling or checking online to see if your local store delivers their products. It may be a tad pricier but it’s the best way to support them directly!

For a list of places and businesses that have been deemed essential and are still open, visit

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