It’s Going to Be Scorchingly Hot in Mississauga Soon


The cold weather is coming—some (me) would argue it's already here—but summer hasn't taken its final breath just yet.

Environment Canda says that temperatures will hit 30 degrees tomorrow (Oct. 1). 

According to The Weather Network, it will actually feel like a decently sweltering 39 degrees (so quite a change from the brisk 16-degree weather we experienced today). 

While it will be quite warm, Environment Canada says there's a 30 per cent chance of showers late in the afternoon with the possibility of a thunderstorm. 

Residents can also expect wind gusts of 20 to 40 km/h in the morning. 

Environment Canada also says rain and thunderstorms are possible in the evening and overnight. 

Since winter is indeed coming, it's probably best to enjoy the heat while it lasts.

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