Is This Where Brampton’s New University Will be Located?

Published November 16, 2017 at 11:50 pm

It seems that new tenants – or a new tenant – is set to take over a major part of downtown Brampton.

It seems that new tenants – or a new tenant – is set to take over a major part of downtown Brampton. Back in November 2017, City Council approved the purchase of a bunch of buildings along Nelson West, the City confirmed with 

There are a lot of exciting developments happening across Brampton, and as one of the largest and fastest growing cities across the nation, it’s always fun to know what’s happening with our city. From streetscape improvements to the new university, downtown Brampton is, in particular, a site to watch. 

With all of these new purchases, it seems like the City has some exciting (or not) new plans for them.

Here are the buildings Brampton has bought, according to the City:

8 Nelson West

Photo courtesy of Herman Custodio

14 Nelson West

Photo courtesy of Herman Custodio

21 Nelson West 

Photo courtesy of Herman Custodio

The City is also buying 11-15 Nelson West and 17 Nelson West, which ultimately encompasses the parking lot beside 21 Nelson West that’s shown above.

Photo courtesy of Google Maps

Basically, Brampton is purchasing a large chunk of Nelson Street West.

So, what’s happening with all of these buildings? Will all of these small businesses be gone in the next few years?

The answer is: probably.

“Recent Council-approved priorities required the City to be able to take advantage of opportunity-driven purchases, and make long-term strategically sound investments in real estate,” a representative from the City told “These acquisitions better position the City for future development and create flexibility for anticipated investment in the area.”

But that wasn’t all – the City already knows what several of these investments will be used for. 

“Anticipated activity in the area includes: investments related to a centre for education, innovation and collaboration, a mobility hub that incorporates plans for two-way, all-day GO service, a central library, complimentary university facilities, an indoor market and other identified Council priorities.”

That’s right, this is where a lot of development will be happening when it comes to a “future-ready Brampton” as the City has been saying all year.

While the City has confirmed that complimentary university facilities and the centre for education, innovation, and collaboration will likely take over this wing, as for the specific location of the unversity itself, further details and confirmations will be announced soon in 2018.

For now, we can only speculate.

(Cover photo courtesy of Google Maps)

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