Is This Popular Coffee Chain Selling Tide Pod Donuts?

Published January 26, 2018 at 9:00 pm


Homage to Tide Pods…or something else?

After the alarming trend where young people have been eating Tide Pods as part of a “Tide Pod Challenge” — similar to the Cinammon Challenge of some time ago — it’s not much of a stretch to wonder whether companies are cashing in on the dangerous fad. 

In this case, Reddit user devdevo1919 spotted an interestingly sprinkled vanilla dip donut at Tim Hortons.

Courtesy of devdevo1919 on Reddit Canada

“I saw this at the local Tim Horton’s. Look familiar?” posted the user.

It’s true that the original Tide Pods come in white, blue, and orange, reflected by the sprinkles on the donut.

Courtesy of Reddit Canada

While Tide Pod donuts are a good guess, it seems like a more plausible answer was suggested in the comments.

The logo for the Tim Hortons Childrens Foundation is indeed the same colours as the original Tide Pods — white, blue, and orange. 

It’s probably not a nod to Tide Pods, but one thing’s for sure…it’s better if people are eating Tide Pod-looking donuts than actual Tide Pods. 

Stay safe, Mississauga.

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