Is Ontario’s Worst Road Located in Mississauga?

Published March 23, 2018 at 8:02 pm


Potholes, poor road signs, crashes, traffic congestion, and more – there are a number of reasons why some of Mississauga’s roads are just terrible. If you know of a road in Mississauga that’s particularly awful, now’s your chance to speak up!

The Canadian Automobile Association’s (CAA) Worst Roads campaign recently opened up the vote for this year’s worst road in Ontario. 

Which roads have topped the list in the past? 

In 2017, Burlington Street East in Hamilton was voted the worst road in Ontario, and in 2016, it was County Road 49 in Prince Edward County. But that’s just a snapshot, since CAA’s Worst Roads campaign dates back 15 years – it’s been running since 2003. 

When you enter the website, it’ll first prompt you to select your region and your road. Then you’ll be asked if there’s a segment of the road that’s really terrible. 

Following that, you’ll input what type of road user you are (driver, motorcyclist, cyclist, pedestrian), what’s wrong with the road (i.e. it has too many potholes, it’s always congestion, there are no bike lanes, etc.), and get the chance to upload three photos of the road along with your vote. 

Finally, you just need to enter your first and last name and email address to complete the submission. Hit “submit” and voila – you’ve voted!

If you’re wondering whether there’s a point to voting – whether it will make a difference – the answer is, it could.

“CAA Worst Roads is the kind of input that helps spur governments to focus on priorities,” said Doug Switzer, president at Ontario Motor Coach Association, in a recent statement.

“I think this kind of input is truly grassroots democracy at its best, where the citizens of the province are telling politicians ‘you can make this road a little bit better and it would make all of our lives a little bit better if you fixed it for us’.”

CAA puts together a list of the 10 worst roads in Ontario and the five worst roads in regions across the province after voting closes.

“The regional top five lists will help shine a light on the state of local roads in municipalities across Ontario,” said CAA in a recent statement.

And if you vote you could win prizes, including free gas for a year.

So, what’s the worst road in our city? 

You can vote here. Voting closes April 15, 2018.

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