Is Mississauga a destination spot for tourists? If not, city wants to make it one


Published November 29, 2021 at 9:32 am

Mississauga is testing itself to see how it rates as a tourist destination and, perhaps more importantly, how it can become one. 

The City of Mississauga has enlisted Vancouver-based MMGY NextFactor, a consulting firm that specializes in travel and tourism, to gather anonymous feedback from Mississauga stakeholders in areas of tourism, business, education and government who all find themselves impacted by the city’s ability to attract visitors. 

Tourism Mississauga CEO Victoria Clarke describes the undertaking as an “important assessment of how Mississauga scores as a tourist destination” and notes the survey is comprehensive, a “360-degree survey of key stakeholders.” 

Clarke adds the survey results “will essentially be a report card for the health and benchmarking of Mississauga as a destination.” 

She says some 300 other destinations worldwide have undertaken the same assessment, using MMGY NextFactor’s DestinationNEXT diagnostic tool, so “we feel the tool has been tried and tested, and the methodology is sound.” 

The survey is available until Dec. 10, and Tourism Mississauga will present and discuss the results with stakeholders at some point afterwards. 

“As a key civic leader and stakeholder in the visitor economy, we are asking for your participation in this important assessment,” Clarke wrote in a letter to stakeholders. 

She added the responses will remain anonymous in order to develop the most accurate picture possible of Mississauga and its performance on the tourism scale. 

“Our hope is that the findings of this survey will spark a thoughtful, productive conversation about Mississauga as a destination and will form the basis for a destination-wide tourism strategy that will help guide Mississauga into the future,” said Clarke. 

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