Is Daylight Savings Time Going To Be Eliminated In Ontario?

Published April 12, 2019 at 7:27 pm


An Ontario MPP and a man behind a new petition are looking to eliminate Daylight Savings Time.

Orleans MPP Marie-France Lalonde has created a private members bill that can end what some consider an inconvenience if it passed in the legislature. The “Sunshine Protection Act” is a bill that would allow for more sun time in the evening.

According to Bill 98 document, “the Bill amends the Time Act to make the time now called daylight saving time the standard time year-round.”

Marcel Van Der Linde also started a petition to Doug Ford on the popular site, The petition titled, “Stop Observing Daylight Savings Time (or Standard Time) in Ontario,” aims to eliminate the hour change.

According to the petition site, “changing our clocks back and forth every 6 months as we switch between Eastern Daylight Time and Eastern Standard Time has numerous negative health implications, as well as a negative impact on the economy.”

Many studies have shown that the time change can lead to increase risk of a stroke or a heart attack, and a loss in sleep.

Manitoba and British Columbia have also considered following the MPP’s approach. While, Saskatchewan has already kept the same time zone all year for many years now.

If the bill passes, November 1, 2020 will be the final time that clocks shift forward.

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