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Using public washrooms for some people can cause a lot of anxiety and distain, especially when it comes to really having to go! Public washrooms definitely range on a scale of absolutely disgusting to pristine.

Although we all can't take a crap in the Ritz Carleton, I am writing this article as a survival guide for those, on-the-go in Mississauga, who are "picky pee-ers" like myself, and have "special standards" when it comes to using public washrooms. As a well-travelled Mississaugan, spending most of his days on the road, I have prided myself in mentally organizing my day to possibly include a pit stop at one of these washrooms if needed.

Generally, my standards for a "good" public washroom include the following: First, easy accessibility. I do not want to have to buy something, sit down and eat, drive out of my way, wait in a line, look "out-of-place," or take any extraordinary measures to get to, especially if I need a washroom in a hurry. Second, is the cleanliness of the washroom.

I do not want to have to take a deep breath and pinch my nose before walk in or feel the need to take a shower after using the toilet. Third, is privacy. I do not want to see the person's feet next to me or have someone knocking on the door every two minutes while I do my business.

Lastly, is the adequacy of the supplies, including toilet paper, paper towels, toilet seat covers, hand sanitizer, and soap. Personally, I prefer using paper towels (I know, Save the Trees!) instead of the hand blowers, mostly because they can never get your hands completely dry and you end up wiping them on the back of your pants anyhow. But also, because I use the same paper towel to open the disgusting germ-riddled doorknob on the way out. Either way, I do suggest to most people not to touch the doorknob!

Onto the Top 5 Public Washrooms in Mississauga and why I recommend them. These are strategically located in every area of Mississauga so you know where to go when you need to "Go." But you might have to purchase something.

5) Square One Shopping Centre

Centrally located in Square One on the 2nd level between Wal-Mart and The Bay, you can find a kind of hidden gem tucked away behind where Michel's Baguette used to be. I usually park on the 1st floor outside of The Bay and take the escalators up. What I like most about this washroom is the abundance of stalls and the fact that the stalls reach almost to the floor giving you the privacy to spend as much time as you need to do your dirty work. However, since its inception, people are slowly discovering this "hidden" location and as a result it is getting busier. And if it’s to busy go to the new food court that has probably one of the biggest mall washrooms you will ever see. Grab lunch at the food court and your back to work.

4) Glen Erin Loblaws

When in the North West end of Mississauga stop by the Glen Erin Loblaw's. Although the washroom is located up a flight of stairs, it is still easily accessible but rarely occupied. And if you happen to feel a little hungry after you have just emptied your bowels, you can help yourself to this huge grocery store full of food including an excellent hot counter.

3) Starbucks, Dundas/Erin Mills Parkway

Next on the list is the Starbucks located in the South West area of Mississauga in the Sherwood Plaza on Dundas St W. and Erin Mills Parkway. There are two single washrooms located around the coffee bar towards the back of the store and another exit just in front of the washrooms, making it easy to leave if you were not feeling like a cup of coffee. What I like most about this washroom is actually the atmosphere of the plaza. It is set up like a quaint small village in Europe with a water fountain in the square of the village, which gives you a calming, almost relaxing feeling, almost as if you have just took a crap in another country.

2) Home Sense, Heartland Town Centre

When in the North East section of Mississauga stop by the Heartland Town Centre, located at the intersection of Britannia and Mavis. You can find washrooms in either Winners or Home Sense. Both stores offer pretty much the same facilities with one or two stalls in the washrooms. Usually these facilities are unoccupied during weekdays as most people are busy shopping and you can walk in and out of these stores unnoticed. What I like most about these washrooms, especially in Home Sense, is the effort the staff put into the decor and the sinks often have nicer hand soaps that they take from the shelves, rather than the sterile medical smelling soap they use in most public washrooms.

1) Starbucks QEW/Hwy 10

And last but definitely not least, awarded the TOP spot of best public washrooms, are the washrooms located at the Starbucks in the South East section of Mississauga on Hurontario, just before jumping on the QEW. Conveniently located and easily accessible, I have used this washroom many of times before heading downtown, just in case I hit traffic and wasn't able to hold it. What I like most about this washroom is that since it is located near a highway, most people rush in and out rather quickly. And with such a high turnover rate of people, it allows you the opportunity to quickly pop in with little hassle. I would consider this the "drive thru" of washrooms if you were looking for that quick pit stop.

Where to avoid:

As you may notice, Starbucks has appeared twice on this Top 5 list and I would generally approve of the washrooms in any Starbucks locations with the exceptions of those in found in Chapters locations, as these are usually overcrowded, not well maintained and attract the "sit down and read for a while" type of person.

Whether you were just looking for that quick pit stop or a washroom with that serene homey feeling, hopefully I have provided you some excellent public washrooms options. Enjoy!

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