Interesting Weather is Hitting Mississauga This Weekend


It’s been bone-chilling cold.

Then downright balmy.

Then cool.

Well, after a dip in temps, it looks like another breather is on the way — sort of.

Somewhat mild temperatures are set to hit Mississauga this weekend, according to Environment Canada.

A chilly (but certainly not unbearable) Friday night with a predicted low of -4 C will give way to a pleasantly cool Saturday.

That’s when temperatures are expected to hit a high of 3 C. It’ll be mainly cloudy with a 30 per cent chance of flurries and an expected low of -5 C.

Then, on Sunday - remember it’s daylight saving time on March 11 - we should see a mix of sun and cloud. The expected high is 5 C.

Remember to set your clocks an hour ahead before bed on Saturday.

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