Interesting Weather Headed for Mississauga This Week


Some sun, some rain, and even some snow - moody weather is coming for Mississauga this week, in true Canadian fashion!

It's the kind of week to wear lots of layers and always carry an umbrella.

Here's what the weather looks like for this week, according to The Weather Network:

As you can see, some flurries are in store for Monday November 20, followed by some rain but a higher temperature of 10 degrees on Tuesday, clearer skies from Wednesday through Friday, and a high chance of rain come Saturday.

Temperatures are set to drop below freezing on most nights, so be sure to wear your winter coat! It also seems like it's going to be a dark week, with few hours of sun.

The holidays are around the corner - which might mean lots of snow - so perhaps we can come to terms with this weather for now (unless you love snow). 

Stay toasty and dry this week, Mississauga!

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