Interesting New Restaurant Set to Open in Mississauga


Published March 12, 2018 at 9:08 pm


Mississauga has a vibrant and growing food scene, as evidenced by this exciting sign that indicates a very unique–and very meatatarian-friendly–restaurant is about to open its doors.

Yes, you heard (read?) us right–a new carnivore-centric restaurant is opening up in a busy plaza in the Dixie and Eglinton area, right next to Sunset Grill.

While there is no shortage of meat eaters in Mississauga, it’s always novel to see a more traditional burger-and-fry joint carve out a niche for itself in the era of clean/vegan/gluten-free eating.

Sweet Meat Heads, a restaurant that will offer hamburgers, Philly cheese steak, fries, cakes, ice cream and milkshakes, is opening soon.

Information about the new resto is scarce, as its social media presence appears limited and its Facebook page is fairly spartan.

That said, the restaurant–which obviously specializes in classic North American fare–should be appealing to anyone in the mood for a timeless meal.

After all, the slogan is “good things are coming together soon.”

We’ll keep you posted on more new opening details as they emerge.

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