Interesting New Cafe Officially Open in Mississauga


Published October 11, 2018 at 11:30 pm


You now have a new place for espresso!

For too many years, Mississauga’s independent coffee scene was small and made up of a modest smattering of rare (but very good) indie joints struggling to stand out in a city dominated by beloved (and plentiful) big name brands.

And while the indie coffee scene remains somewhat small, it is growing.

And now, it looks like a very unique new caffeine-oriented joint has just opened in Port Credit in Mississauga.

Back Road Coffee Roasters, a coffee shop that is, according to its website, “inspired by the country in which we live and the vast natural beauty of its great outdoors,” will strive to provide the “perfect coffee” to local (and not so local) espresso lovers.

On the website, operators say the back road concept—or rather, the idea of taking the longer way—will apply to their products.

“‘Taking the back roads’ inspires you to take the long way, the longer way, without cutting corners in order to experience the best life has to offer and not miss any moments along the journey. We apply this same philosophy to our coffee roasting. We take the longer way, the time to ensure that quality is preserved, the time to ensure ethical and sustainable farming and sourcing practices, the time needed to develop the best flavours and aromas.”

The company also says it’ll use high-quality green beans from the “back roads” of the planet.

So if you like to travel (and like to do so by motorcycle, as they make quite a few appearances on the cafe’s social media accounts), you might be happy to hear that a brand new cafe is ready to welcome you.

  1. Back Road Coffee Roasters
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