Taking your pooch to the groomers is essential, not only to keep them well kept and have their fur out of their eyes, but for their overall health and growth.

If you desperately want to shoot your friend in the chest with an arrow, you have another archery tag option.

One criticism that's often levied against any suburb -- and it's a valid one -- is that each house-heavy subdivision is overflowing with people who have few entertainment options beyond big box chain restaurants and malls. For that reason, anything new -- particularly something that's creative and interactive -- is a pretty big deal.

Skiis and Biikes
Skiis and Biikes is just that, a ski and bike shop! With many locations across Canada, their mantra is "service, service, service." Along with the bikes and skis, they also sell footwear and clothing as well as offering a service for your skis or snowboards.

There's a quiet part of the city's west end where Southdown Road meets Royal Windsor Drive. If you drive east down Royal Windsor, you'll make your way into Port Credit and, eventually, Toronto. If you go west, you pass truck stops, businesses and -- perhaps most importantly -- the iconic Scooter's Roller Palace.  

When it comes to hot bars, no city's selection is ever static. Good bars come and go, but some true gems stand the test of time and entertain partiers and cocktail enthusiasts night after night.