Increased Fees and Expenses Could be in Store for Mississauga Residents


Earlier this year, we reported that the residents could see an uptick in costs associated with living in Mississauga due to growing expenses.

Back in June, the City of Mississauga provided the budget committee with an update on preparations for the city’s proposed 2018 and 2021 Business Plan and 2018 Budget and proposed a possible increase of 5.6 per cent to Mississauga’s operating budget, including a proposed two per cent infrastructure levy for capital repairs and maintenance and 0.9 per cent for new services.

Those new services include increased MiWay service, improvements to roadways and additional transportation enhancements, staffing for the new Fire Station 120 at Hurontario Street and Eglinton Avenue, technology investments to increase customer self-service options and Increased investments in both physical and cyber security.

More recently, the the city said its Budget Committee has considered new and increased fees and charges for 2018.

What costs might increase?

Transit fares and Recreation and Parks and Forestry programs, to start. According to the city, these revenue sources will help offset the cost of delivering these services.

The city says the following changes have also been proposed: 

*         New fees introduced for non-resident pool rental
*         MiWay cash fare increase by $0.25 from $3.50 to $3.75, paper ticket fares increase by $0.10 for adult, student and senior tickets effective January 29, 2018, while PRESTO fares remain at current rates
*         New fees introduced for forestry inspection at $50, upgraded commemorative tree donation at $2,500 and garden park bench donation at $5,000
*         Increase to filming location fees based on the cost of inflation and benchmarking

Additional revenue of approximately $1.2 million is expected from the increases and new fees. According to the city, these will alleviate some pressures on the property tax rate in 2018.

The proposed fees and charges will be presented at a council meeting for approval on September 27, 2017.

More information about the City budget is available here.

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