Improve odds of winning lottery by moving from Mississauga to Brampton or Hamilton


Published September 6, 2023 at 4:29 pm

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Mississauga residents looking to improve their odds of winning big in the lottery can consider a couple of, well, big changes in their lives.

According to a study released this week that tracked, among other things, the “luckiest” places in which to live in Canada, Mississaugans looking to cash in on the lotto would best improve their odds by moving all the way to Quebec (see chart below).

If they’re not interested in that change of scenery, they can still increase their odds of a big cash win by moving not so far — to either Brampton just to the north of Canada’s seventh-largest city or to Hamilton, a relatively quick car trip west on the QEW.

To even further better their chances of winning life-changing money, Mississauga residents not already answering to David, Robert, Daniel, Diane or Linda might want to think about changing their given names.

The study was conducted by CanadaCasino and analyzed some 2,500 winners of cash draws held by Canada’s five lottery corporations — OLG in Ontario — since the beginning of 2022.

To determine which locations were deemed the “luckiest,” CanadaCasino officials say they calculated the percentage of wins each location accounted for in their specific lottery corporation’s area of operation.

“Who hasn’t wished for a stroke of good luck — hitting the jackpot or escaping a sudden downpour?” officials who conducted the study said in a news release. “We know luck is random, but does our location have anything to do with our good fortune?”

If the answer is yes, then residents of Montérégie, Quebec are the luckiest souls in the country, according to the study, which shows people who live there represent nearly 18 per cent of all Loto-Québec winners since the start of 2022.

Montréal placed second (17.01 per cent of winners) while Edmonton took third spot in Canada (16.67 per cent of winners). Vancouver (15.03 per cent), Winnipeg and Calgary (both cities at 11.67 per cent) round out the top five.

Brampton (5.79 per cent) placed 12th on the top 20 list while Hamilton (5.37 per cent) was 14th.

Mississauga didn’t register in the top 20 and its percentage wasn’t revealed in the study.

CanadaCasino’s research also revealed the “luckiest” given names and months of the year.

David was crowned the “luckiest” man’s name (34 lottery wins) while Diane and Linda (both 15 wins) took top spot among women’s names.

Robert (32 wins) and Daniel (29 wins) are also deemed “lucky” names according to the study.

Finally, November was identified as the “luckiest” month, with 10.94 per cent of all Canadian lottery wins of greater than $10,000 occurring in that month.

On the other side of the lottery ball, July is the month considered to have the least luck, with just 4.93 per cent of total big lottery wins happening in that month since the start of 2022.

(Source: CanadaCasino)

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