Important Information for Road Safety in Mississauga This Summer

Published May 14, 2018 at 8:33 pm


If you live in Misisssauga you know that road safety is a priority, especially over the summer. Pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers alike are out and about and it’s important for everyone to stay safe!

Peel Regional Police are giving advice on how to stay safe on the roads this summer as part of National Road Safety Week from May 15-21.

What tips should drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists follow, according to police?

First, drivers should give full attention to driving safely and obey all rules of the road. This includes following traffic signs and signals, avoiding distractions from handheld devices and other sources, and always paying attention to their surroundings.

Another tip is for drivers to make sure their car is in good condition – a car in proper shape is less likely to end up in an accident. As a driver, checking your brakes and tire pressure can make the difference between avoiding a crash and being in a crash.

Pedestrians are reminded that they play a major role in road safety as well. They need to be aware of their own actions and movement of vehicles constantly.

By using sidewalks and avoiding jaywalking, pedestrians will avoid most dangers from the road, say police.

Pedestrians should try to be less dependent on traffic signals or stop signs. Collisions can happen anywhere, even at a crosswalk with stop signs, so good judgement and awareness is also needed while crossing roads.

Parents should also be aware of their children at all times, and avoid letting them play on roads unsupervised.

Cyclists should also keep some safety tips in mind. Being on the road, yet not in a full sized vehicle, can be dangerous, say police.

Cyclists should always try to make themselves be seen. First, cyclists can wear bright or reflective clothing. 

Making eye contact with drivers is also helpful. 

Running stop signs or red lights is a no go, as well as using the wrong side of the street. It’s safest to ride single file. Most importantly, cyclists should use hand signals in order to make their movements – such as turns – clear to drivers.

For all road users, it’s important that cyclists, pedestrians and drivers be extra careful around school zones, intersections, crosswalks and public transit stops. According to police, these are places where collisions can happen at any time, so paying full attention is the best way to avoid disaster.

Stay safe, Mississauga!

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