Important Changes Coming to Brampton Driveway Laws

Published June 10, 2019 at 10:58 pm

If you’re considering doing some work on your driveway this summer, there are some upcoming changes you should be aware of.

If you’re considering doing some work on your driveway this summer, there are some upcoming changes you should be aware of.

As it stands now, homeowners only require a permit to widen their driveway if they wanted to cut the municipal curb. However, as of July 2, a permit will also be required for most driveway upgrades, to ensure they comply with City regulations.

The new rules for driveways were approved by the City Council at its meeting on May 22.

The fee to apply for a driveway permit will be $50. The permit will cover: 

  • Any curb cut.
  • Work being done on the municipal road.
  • Approval of the driveway alignment on private property.

The new permit form can be found on the City’s website as soon as June 15.

Anyone applying for a permit will need to submit a permit form, a legal survey, and a detailed dimensioned site plan of the property that shows the driveway, curbing and any other paved surfaces. 

The maximum permitted width of a driveway has not changed. It is based on the width of the lot as defined in the Zoning By-law. 

There are also new planned rules for contractors in Brampton.

Contractors must be licensed with the City of Brampton, and as of July 2, they must ensure a driveway permit has been obtained before beginning work.

Contractors who perform work without a permit or break the by-law will have their license revoked and be charged under the Business Licensing By-law.

The names and contact information for all driveway paving contractors licensed by the City of Brampton will be available on the City’s website as of June 15. This will make it easier for residents to ensure they’re using a licensed contractor.

“As residents of Brampton, we all want to live in neighbourhoods that feel attractive and welcoming,” said Mayor Patrick Brown. “Front yards completely covered by driveway are not only unwelcoming but they’re also bad for the environment – they leave less room for plants and trees and allow more pollution to run off into our local waterways. These new regulations help us accommodate residents’ parking needs while working to keep Brampton a Green City.” 

The City will begin accepting permit applications from homeowners and contractors on June 15.

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