“I’m not worried about fourth wave,” said Brampton mayor about COVID-19


Published August 20, 2021 at 6:43 pm


Brampton mayor Patrick Brown said the high level of vaccinations in Brampton is our main defence against a COVID-19 fourth wave.

“I’m not worried about a fourth wave because we have a largely vaccinated population,” said Brown during an exclusive interview with Insauga.

“When we had previous waves of COVID-19, it led to the hospitals being overrun because those who were unvaccinated would end up in the hospital.”

The province has begun releasing the vaccination status of those with COVID-19 who are in the hospital and the overwhelming majority are not yet fully vaccinated.

“I’m optimistic a fourth wave will have minimal disruptions to our economy. I don’t foresee lockdowns again. I don’t foresee school closures again.”

Brown said a lot of the school transmission was driven by community transmission, which we’re not going to have a lot of. In addition, high school students are now mostly either vaccinated or eligible for it, so that will mitigate transmission at that level.

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