IKEA Canada Announces Exciting New Menu Item


The food options at IKEA are incredible, in fact, they are so good that my cousin once decided to have her birthday dinner there. 

If you're anything like my cousin, you'll be happy to hear that IKEA Canada has announced the launch of a new menu item.

IKEA Canada recently announced the launch of its newest menu item - salmon balls. This new item will be coming to IKEA locations across the country and will be sustainably-sourced and responsibly produced. 

If you're wanting to try the salmon balls, you can do so for the low price of $6.99 (the salmon balls also come with side dishes such as mashed potatoes and tomato spinach ragout).

The salmon balls, according to a recent press release, are a good option for Canadians who want to eat healthier while also helping the environment.

"At IKEA, we want to inspire and enable Canadians to live a healthy and sustainable life, within the limits of the planet," Danielle Beauchesne, IKEA Canada Food Manager, said in the release. "With the IKEA salmon ball, we are able to offer a delicious new plate inspired by our Swedish roots, with a carbon footprint that is approximately seven times lower than the traditional meatball." 

The release notes that the salmon balls will also be available for takeaway purchase in the Swedish Food Market later this year. 

Will you be trying this new menu option at IKEA?

Photos are courtesy of IKEA Canada.

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