Hundreds of potholes will be filled by 7 tonnes of asphalt in Mississauga


Published April 25, 2024 at 2:37 pm

Filling in the potholes in Mississauga.

Mississauga drivers who’ve had enough of potholes on city streets and the damage they can do to their cars will be happy to know a small army has been deployed to fix the road hazards.

Armed with some seven tonnes of asphalt, City of Mississauga spring cleaning/maintenance crews are out in full force these days looking to fill in the hundreds of potholes that popped up over the course of the winter.

City officials say that’s about the same number of potholes they come across each year.

In a post to social media on Wednesday, they also encouraged people who spot such road hazards to report them to the city by calling 311 or visiting the city’s website and filling out a repair request.

While winter maintenance allows for some pothole repair, officials said earlier that fixing the roadway hazards really kicks into high gear in the spring.

In addition to the 5,700 lane kilometres of roads the city maintains from year to year — and all the potholes that pop up on those routes — work crews also keep an eye on 2,420 kilometres of sidewalks, 51,000 catch basins, 1,000 pedestrian crossings and other infrastructure that residents rely on such as multi-use trails and cycling infrastructure.

“Winter weather can be particularly damaging to infrastructure, resulting in the need for a routine repair this time of year,” city officials said earlier. “Milder weather means the city’s annual spring maintenance and clean-up work can begin. Residents will see city crews busy filling potholes, performing minor repairs to roadway infrastructure, clearing litter and preparing for street sweeping.”

Officials add potholes and cracks on roadways typically occur or become more visible in the winter.

“Freezing and thawing can cause water under the asphalt to expand and contract. While the majority of potholes are fixed throughout the spring, city crews repair potholes year-round when temperatures are warmer and the weather allows for it. Filling potholes regularly is more efficient, cost-effective and helps keep roads in a state of good repair.”

(Cover photo: City of Mississauga)

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