Huge Temperature Swing Coming to Mississauga


If you're tired of this lingering cold, you might be happy to hear that more seasonally appropriate temperatures are on the horizon.

As you no doubt remember, April got off to a pretty nasty start. On March 30, we were treated to freezing temperatures and a nice dumping of snow (albeit nothing as bad as we experienced in February, so there's that) and those icy temperatures lingered into the week.

Although today is a little better at 8 degrees, it looks like we're going to hit double digits this weekend.

According to Environment Canada, chillier temperatures on Thursday and Friday will dissipate by the weekend. It could get as high as 14 degrees on Saturday with a mix of sun and cloud. Sunday is almost as pleasant, with temperatures sitting at 12 degrees.

We should be back up to 14 on Monday, but some rain is possible.

Still, rain is better than snow.

And as the old saying goes, April showers bring May flowers.

So perhaps spring will be sprung sooner rather than later.

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