Huge (and mysterious) changes coming to one of Mississauga’s most popular pizza joints


We all love a good teaser, and the owner of one of Mississauga’s most beloved pizza joints just posted a big one on social media.

On Dec. 11,  Sandy Stoyan, who owns the long-standing Mickey’s Pizza on Lakeshore Rd. W. shared a video of her excitedly perusing a large industrial-looking space in Oakville. 

Hi everyone, I have a really good announcement to make. We have been very, very fortunate that people seem to like what we do, so we’ve been looking for a bigger space and working towards one for over two-and-half years,” Stoyan said in a video posted to the restaurant’s Instagram and Facebook pages. 

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And today, we just got the keys.” 

Stoyan, happily flashing the keys in front of the camera, goes on to say that she plans on documenting the restaurant’s journey as work on what appears to be a new location gets underway.

The whole reason we’re doing it is for you,” she says. “To make a place where you can just come, and be, and enjoy, and be happy.”

The news is exciting, as Mickey’s is one of the best-known pizza places in the city. In fact, the Clarkson restaurant that urges customers to “feed your dragon” was once visited by You Gotta Eat Here

Mickey’s serves traditional pizzas plus what they call a “Killer King,” which is a deep dish Chicago-style pizza for the hungry Chi Town-style pizza lovers. The dough is made in house, and they use ingredients like extra virgin olive oil and cook their meat right on the grill before it goes into your pizza. asked Mickey’s if it intends to move to Oakville, or simply open a second location. 

This is going to be more than what you think,” Mickey’s responded. “All will be revealed soon.”

So the mystery remains, and we’re more intrigued than ever. 

Will you be watching Mickey’s Pizza’s journey on social media? 

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