How to waterproof your basement as the rainy season approaches in Mississauga and Halton

Published March 22, 2023 at 9:54 am

With winter on its way out and rainy spring fast approaching, residents should use the opportunity to make sure their home is adequately waterproof.

If not, then a call to a qualified waterproofing company such as MMT Waterproofing may be in order.

Established in 2009, MMT Waterproofing Inc. has earned a reputation over the past 14 years for providing high-quality and affordable services to homes and businesses in Mississauga, Toronto and throughout the GTA.

Their goal is to help residents solve their property’s water problems (such as a wet or leaky basement), especially now with the threat of heavy rainfall or melting snow.

It’s vital to make sure your basement is dry, even if you’re not regularly using it. A wet basement can lead to issues such as mould or your home’s structural integrity being weakened, leading to unsafe living conditions.

There are several things to watch out for that may cause a wet basement:

Cracks in the foundation: Any cracks or damage to your home’s foundation, even small ones, can potentially allow water into the property and cause dampness, mould, or flooding.

Window well issues: Water marks or stains on your foundation walls underneath your window indicates that the window well could be a major point of entry for a leak, which will eventually cause dampness in the basement.

Blocked weeping tile: There are several types of drainage systems, such as weeping tile and drain tile, that are meant to move water away from your home. If the drains become damaged or blocked (with soil, for example), the water may not be removed and will be left to damage your property.

Ineffective or non-functional sump pump: For houses that may be prone to flooding, a sump pump is an effective tool for collecting water into the sump pit and taking it out of your home. The sump pump needs to be maintained, or else flooding could occur.

Fortunately, MMT Waterproofing can help with all of these issues, with their many services including:

  • Internal waterproofing
  • External waterproofing
  • Battery backup and sump dump
  • Basement walkout installation
  • Window well installation
  • Foundation repair
  • Basement underpinning and lowering
  • Concrete work

MMT Waterproofing’s team of contractors is fully licensed and insured, and they offer a 25-year warranty which is transferable on all of their services, for added peace of mind.

The reviews speak for themselves – MMT Waterproofing has amassed tons of glowing reviews and even won multiple Homestars awards for the work they’ve provided to satisfied clients over the years.

Don’t let unexpected heavy rainfall or flooding cause unnecessary damage to your home. Contact MMT Waterproofing or call 416-854-3382 to get a free estimate and find out what they can do for you.

For more info, visit their website, Facebook, and Instagram pages.

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