How to navigate construction zones in Milton


Published August 18, 2022 at 1:18 pm

To keep the community safe, the Town of Milton has issued a reminder on how residents can navigate construction zones.

In an effort to improve road safety, the Town has been implementing different calming measures in residential neighbourhoods and issuing various reminders.

Some of these measures include roundabouts, speed display boards and flashing 40 signs in order to move traffic safely.

Roundabouts, in particular, are an important part of the Town’s roadway system when it comes to calming traffic due to the fact that they slow vehicles and lower speeds, which, in turn, causes less of a chance of the potential for serious crashes and injuries.

The circular intersections help to improve road safety and manage traffic flow all while reducing emissions by eliminating unnecessary stops and idling.

“When navigating construction zones in town (whether by foot, assistive device, bicycle, or motor vehicle), remember to be cautious of your surroundings, respectful of workers and other road users and patient and kind,” said the Town on Twitter.

Drivers are also reminded that unless otherwise posted, speed limits in Milton are 40 km/h in front of primary and junior schools when signs are flashing, 50 km/h in urban areas and 70 km/h in rural areas.

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