How Milton residents can discourage rodents and raccoons from gathering in backyards


Published April 12, 2022 at 12:18 pm

The Town of Milton is reminding residents to do their part in keeping the community clean in order to discourage small animals from gathering together outside their homes.

During the warmer months, spotting small animals in the Town of Milton can be common, particularly when they are seeking food.

This is why the Town has issued a reminder to residents, so they may take preventative measures to ensure that animals such as rodents, raccoons and coyotes don’t gather in their backyards this summer.

To discourage rodents, Milton residents are advised to secure garbage or organic compost in containers with tight-fitting lids, not leave food scraps out or around the yard, cutting tall grass and weeds and rodent-proofing homes.

To avoid interactions with coyotes, the Town of Milton suggests storing garbage, compost and pet food in a place they cannot access, supervising animals when they are in the yard and cleaning up after your dog as coyotes are attracted to dog feces.

Additionally, residents who would like to help keep the community clean can continue to dispose of garbage properly, secure waste on pick-up days and reduce, reuse and recycle.

Other actions residents can take to help reduce litter in Milton include using a litter bag in vehicles, using returnable or reusable drink containers and informing others about the negative aspects of littering.

The Town is also reminding residents not to put waste materials on Town or private property without the permission of the property owner as it is considered illegal dumping.

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