How Hard is it To Get into University in Mississauga?

Published January 17, 2018 at 12:57 am


It’s no secret that universities have minimum admissions requirements for potential students, and different universities have different standards that must be met — it’s often “harder” to get into some programs than others. The University of Toronto Mississauga (UTM) is tucked into a secluded area at Mississauga Road and The Collegeway, and it might be almost as hard to locate as it is to get in.

According to Maclean’s, in 2017 alone, over 433,000 high school students applied to attend an Ontario university. 

How many were accepted, you ask? 

Just 72,000, or just under 17 per cent of applicants. 

Maclean’s recently released a list of the minimum grade average of full-time students who were admitted to a university in ontario directly from a secondary school in the fall 2016 general round of admissions, courtesy of each university and based on program.

Here’s a look at what it takes for high school students to get into Arts, Science, Commerce, and Engineering programs across the province:

University of Toronto minimum grade requirements are moderate to high. Applicants for Arts (i.e. English, History, Sociology, etc.) programs typically had a 75-84 per cent average last year, applicants for Sciences (i.e. Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Life Sciences, etc.) had a minimum of 75-91 per cent, applicants for Commerce (one of UTM in particular’s most popular program areas) had a minimum of 83-88 per cent, and applicants for Engineering had a cream of the crop minimum average of 85-93 per cent. 

On average, universities across the board require a minimum of a 70 per cent average, with Waterloo, Western, and Queens seeming to have slightly higher expectations, with minimums of 80 per cent.

It’s important to note that these numbers are largely based on academic performance, and they don’t reflect actual admissions requirements — those can typically be found on universities’ official websites or registration offices.

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