How Garbage Collection is Changing to Protect Essential Workers in Mississauga

Published April 28, 2020 at 2:30 pm


We’ve all been there at some point or another – some days you completely forget to put your trash out on the curb before garbage day, and other times you might lose track of whether you need to put out your garbage or recycling.

There can be a lot of confusion around waste collection in Mississauga – especially now, with the COVID-19 situation complicating matters (for example, did you know Peel Region is currently collecting up to two extra garbage bags due to the pandemic?).

It’s also important during the ongoing pandemic that we protect the health of the essential workers that collect our garbage –we all have a duty to make their jobs as safe as possible. That means properly disposing of potentially hazardous items, such as used gloves, face masks, and sanitary wipes, and making sure these items are double-bagged.

Residents who are finding themselves constantly guessing about waste collection, and how to protect our essential workers during this time, may be pleased to hear that there’s a simple solution to these problems: GarbageDay.

GarbageDay is a free service available in cities across Canada that aims to take the guesswork out of waste collection and help you stay organized. Once you sign up, you’ll start getting weekly text or email reminders for garbage, recycling, important schedule and collection updates, yard waste, and even Christmas tree collection day.

The service works by matching the home address you provide to your city’s collection schedule. You can pick what time you want to be notified (either the day before collection or the day of), and GarbageDay will send you important reminders straight to your phone, email, or both.

Now, more than ever, it’s important to stay on top of waste collection changes. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has had an impact on waste pick-up schedules and services in Peel, and many collection depots have either closed or are limiting the types of items they’re collecting, which means you need to know which items can be tossed in the bin and which ones should be stored for later disposal.

According to the Region of Peel, the following healthcare waste items should be double-bagged before going in your garbage cart or garbage bag:

  • disposable face masks (surgical, N95)
  • disposable gloves
  • casts
  • catheters
  • colostomy bags
  • dialysis waste (e.g. tubing, filters, disposable towels and sheets)
  • disposable pads, gowns, gloves, masks and aprons
  • gastric and nasal tubs
  • IV bags and tubing
  • soiled dressing and incontinence products
  • sponges

Residents should also take care not to place home healthcare waste in the recycling or organics cart.

While being mindful of the waste we put out is an easy way to protect essential workers during this pandemic, the GarbageDay team is also doing its part by calling on anyone with extra PPE (such as gowns, gloves, masks, and eye protection) to donate them to hospitals and healthcare professionals who are fighting against COVID-19.

On top of waste collection, GarbageDay can also provide handy reminders for a number of other things including statutory holiday dates, seasonal home maintenance tips, when to replace your air filters, and when it’s switch-over day for street parking – making it an altogether invaluable tool to help you keep track of the important stuff.

GarbageDay users will also be among the first to know about any exclusive offers, promotions, or eco-friendly deals with partners that share in GarbageDay’s vision of lowering our environmental impact.

If you’re tired of the guesswork and need a trusted source for all the latest waste collection info and schedule updates, then signing up for GarbageDay is your best bet!

To get started, visit or download the app to get in-app reminders on Apple and Android. For all the latest news, be sure to follow GarbageDay on Facebook and Instagram.

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