Hot and heavy in Hamilton: City named one of the sexiest in Canada


Published January 29, 2021 at 7:10 am

Hamilton is getting hot and heavy, at least, that’s how it seems after the city has been singled out by a popular online sex products retailer as one of the sexiest in Canada.

Oakville-based PinkCherry released the 9th edition of their ‘Canada’s Sexiest Cities’ interactive sex map and highlighted and ranked the country’s sexiest cities according to sales data of the company’s best selling products.

Hamilton has ranked seventh out of the top 20.

“Over the last year we have seen a significant rise in new customers visiting PinkCherry,” said CEO Daniel Freedman in a news release issued this week.

“People have been focused on their overall wellbeing, and sexual health and wellness plays a large role in that.”

Calgary topped PinkCherry’s list, followed closely by Surrey, then Edmonton, Ottawa and Winnipeg rounding out the top 5.

The first Ontario city to appear on the list is London in the sixth spot followed by Hamilton.

Here are the top 20 sexiest cities in Canada according to PinkCherry:

1. Calgary, Alberta

2. Surrey, British Columbia

3. Edmonton, Alberta

4. Ottawa, Ontario

5. Winnipeg, Manitoba

6. London, Ontario

7. Hamilton, Ontario

8. Brampton, Ontario

9. Halifax, Nova Scotia

10. Victoria, British Columbia

11. Toronto, Ontario

12. Montreal, Quebec

13. Mississauga, Ontario

14. Vaughan, Ontario

15. Kitchener, Ontario

16. Vancouver, British Columbia

17. Markham, Ontario

18. St. Catharines, Ontario

19. Quebec City, Quebec

20. Laval, Quebec

In addition to the list, PinkCherry provided some insights on the top sex products and toys of each city.

“The results were very interesting and tell quite a bit about the people who reside there,” the press release said.

“For example, people in Calgary were focused on couples’ gifts for playtime together, but people in Winnipeg seemed more interested in self-pleasure… People in Halifax seemed to like their sex swings.”

The most popular product in Hamilton was a vibrator.

The creators of the list theorize that with more people staying home due to COVID-19, people are looking for ways to spice things up and stave off boredom.

The ranking is based on the most dollars spent per person on sex toys and lingerie in Canadian cities with a population over 300,000.

There is also a ranking of Canada’s sexiest towns, most of which are in British Columbia.

To check out the map, and find out more about the products that propelled Hamilton into the Top 10, check it out here. Be warned: it’s NSFW!

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