Our history peaks through on the modern city’s landscape.
The small village of Summerville, originally called Silverthorn's or Silverthorn's Mill, was situated along Dundas Street at the Etobicoke Creek, on both sides of what is the modern bo
The story of Erindale Village begins in 1822 when a block of land, known as the Racey Tract, was opened for settlement under the direction of Thomas Racey, a crown agent.
We have all done it: waited. Waiting at intersections, stuck in traffic, waiting for the lights to change or traffic to move.
Recreational and leisure activities has always played an important role in our community.
Development started over 50 years ago in the late 1960s when the McLaughlin Group began to purchase the surrounding farmland, namely the Hodges, Hepton, McCauley and Davidson fa
The lazy course of the Credit River today belies its importance to the early development of Peel County.
Incorporated in 1889, St. Lawrence Starch Company built a corn wet milling factory at the foot of Centre Road (now Hurontario Street) in Port Credit.
Many of roads, streets, and highways carry names of significant people or families, some of whom helped to shape life and times in historic Mississauga, and others whose influence was felt abroad.<
Mississauga (formerly Toronto Township) has had many buildings, over time, that have served, both formally and informally, as the Township Hall/Town Hall/Municipal Offices/City Hall/Civic Centre.&n