For years now, it has seemed like the days of the old school movie theatre are long over.
Here are some photos of Hazel McCallions at the official opening of the Mississauga City Hall in 1987 with the The Duke and Duchess of York to singing with The Nylons and more. All photo’s are courtesy of PAMA. (Peel Art Gallery Museum and Archives)
The Lakeview Generating Station was opened by Premier John Robarts on June 20, 1962.
In 1968, the Town of Mississauga was created. Its first mayor was Robert Speck.
The small village of Summerville, originally called Silverthorn's or Silverthorn's Mill, was situated along Dundas Street at the Etobicoke Creek, on both sides of what is the modern bo
Over the years, the GO train has become a primary means of transportation for many people in Mississauga and beyond.
Always a safe haven from lake storms, the harbour proper began when the Port Credit Harbour Company was founded in 1834.
The lazy course of the Credit River today belies its importance to the early development of Peel County.
When you really think about it, the name 'Mississauga' sounds pretty cool.
Streetsville is pretty quaint and even fairly modern right now, but it’s got a ton of history (which probably doesn’t surprise anyone),