Over the years of running insauga, people have told me many stories about Mississauga because they assume that I am interested in everything Mississauga.
In 1856 the Great Western Railway was completed though Port Credit and Clarkson, connecting Toronto and Hamilton.
In 1968, the Town of Mississauga was created. Its first mayor was Robert Speck.
Our city has undergone vast changes - both in terms of overall development, and in the sheer number of people who call Mississauga home today.
In historic Mississauga, as in other places, churches and places of religious assembly, were fixtures on the social and geographical landscape, and were landmarks in their respective communities.
Perhaps people have forgotten -- and maybe the younger generation is completely unaware -- but there was once a time when the then-sleepy bedroom community of Mississauga garnered international atten
On October 25, 1969, a faulty pipe exploded in a gas line beneath the junction of Airport and Derry Roads in Malton, causing a huge fire at the Four Corners.
The Mississauga of 2020 looks nothing like the Mississauga of 2000—let alone 1969.
Development and population growth in the Greater Toronto Area during the 1950s and 1960s convinced many that the area required a large stadium to host sporting events and concerts.
Were it not for the population growth in what's now Mississauga, this website might have been named something else. Why?