Highly-Anticipated Italian Restaurant Opening in Mississauga


Mississauga's ever-evolving restaurant scene is welcoming another big player—the highly-anticipated Ombretta - Cucina & Vino.

The modern Italian restaurant and wine bar, which is setting up shop in the former Flip a Coin location on Lakeshore in Port Credit, is the first brick and mortar establishment of acclaimed chefs and owners Frank Mazzonetto and Anthony Maniccia. Mazzonetto and Maniccia are probably best known for their popular Frankie Fettuccine Food Truck, the mobile resto that was actually Canada's very first gourmet pasta food truck.

Since food trucks are decidedly casual (gourmet food notwithstanding), Ombretta feels like a distinct, bold and ambitious departure.

"We have a menu comprised of some traditional Italian dishes interpreted in Anthony and I's way," says Mazzonetto. "It's classic Italian dishes with modern presentation and technique."

As for the name, the owners say "ombra" refers to a "small glass of wine from the Veneto region.” The social drink can be enjoyed during any meal and is known for stimulating conversation and appetite.

As far as food goes, the rustic modern restaurant offers a mix of traditional and unique dishes.

Gnocchi Fritti
(Gnocchi Fritti)

The modern-classic menu features a vast selection of Cicchetti, including warm olives ($7), polenta fritti ($11), a bolognese spring roll ($12), Sicilian roasted cauliflower ($14) and more. It also offer antipasto, entrees and pasta.

Other notable menu items include grilled calamari ($15), beets + burrata ($19), gnocchi gorgonzola ($21), chicken cacciatore ($26), a fun poutine-style gnocchi dish known as gnocchi fritti ($28), pickerel ($29) and more.

(Beets and burrata) 

As far as drinks and dessert go, Mazzonetto says guests can expect the classics.

"We'll have espresso, cappuccino and some in-house made desserts, such as cannolis and do-it-yourself tiramisu."

As for how the tiramisu works, Mazzonetto says the dessert will be served as three separate components—coffee, cream and cookies. Diners are invited to dip the cookies into the cream and coffee, effectively creating a fun and uniquely assembled hot/cold after dinner treat.

In terms of libations, the resto will offer a sizeable selection of aperitivos, wine (it is, after all, a wine bar), cocktails and digestivos.

But while Italian restaurants are relatively common, Mazzonetto and Maniccia are setting their establishment apart by offering modern twists on classic dishes (which will be served as individual dishes—the resto won't be offering a tapas or sharing-style entree experience) and focusing on more contemporary presentation.

(Bolognese Pappardelle)

"We're going to be doing composed dishes, the way it's written on the menu is how it comes out," says Mazzonetto. "But it will be more modern, it won't be just protein, vegetables and pasta. We're using some curvy and voluptuous plates."

While the restaurant has been enjoying a soft launch, it'll officially open on Thursday, June 1.

And while the opening isn't official just yet, Mazzonetto says the reaction has been positive.

"So far, so good," he says. "People have said that the flavors are on point and the presentation is nice."

The restaurant is licensed (of course) and can seat up to 50 guests.

121 Lakeshore Rd. W Just west of the Port Credit light house
Mississauga, Ontario

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