High school teachers' union becomes latest to vote in favour of strike action


The potential job action among Ontario teachers is getting closer as the province and several teachers’ unions are still far apart on a new collective bargaining agreement (CBA).

The Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation (OSSTF) has become the latest union to vote in favour of strike action, as 95 per cent of members voted in favour of it.

Today, Stephen Lecce, Minister of Education, has requested the two sides agree to go to mediation to get a deal made as soon as possible.

“While our Government has been a reasonable force and student-focused at the bargaining table, the labour unions continue to take escalating steps towards strike action. Strike action could mean school closures, disruption, and uncertainty for students and parents,” Lecce said in the statement.

“Today, I am offering all education sector unions the option to enter into mediation. I believe this is the right step, as mediation involves an independent third party to assist the unions, trustee associations, and the Government in reaching settlements,” he continued.

Lecce stressed his desire to reach a deal at the bargaining table to avoid a strike, and prevent any form of disruption for students.

“I am asking all our partners to accept this offer so together we can reach deals that keep our kids in class,” Lecce said.

However, Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario President Sam Hammond has said the job action will not prevent students from attending classes.

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