Here's Why The City Is Awarding Over 80 Mississauga Residents And Organizations


The City of Mississauga is honouring over 80 residents and organizations!

On June 11, the city will hold the 2019 Civic Award of Recognition evening to honour residents for their commitment to volunteering in the community!

In May, Mississauga residents nominated individuals or organizations who they believed was a leader in the community.
Residents nominated people based on their volunteer work, achievement and education in the city. The nominee must be a resident of Mississauga for a long period of time. Members of a nominated organization must reside in the city. The city stated that only volunteer work, youth and civic engagement, sports and arts achievements were to be counted towards the award.

Nominees can win a Certificate of Recognition, which is presented to individuals or groups that made an impact at a local, regional or provincial level. They can also win a Civic Award of Recognition, which is presented to residents that have volunteered in the community for over 10 years or youth that have more than 100 volunteering hours. The last award is the Civic Award of Merit, which is the highest form of recognition and goes to individuals with high honour.

The city will also celebrate the milestones of many residents such as significant birthdays, anniversaries, and official openings at the award night.

The City of Mississauga’s Civic Recognition Program allows Members of Council to recognize the achievements and honour volunteer contributions.

Will you be attending the 2019 Civic Award of Recognition evening?

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