Here’s why Diamond & Diamond is one of Canada’s largest law firms

Published November 30, 2022 at 3:17 pm

Here’s why Diamond & Diamond is one of Canada’s largest law firms

The key to success for any good business is the ability to evolve and adapt to customer needs over time.

This has been no different for Diamond and Diamond Lawyers – a firm now recognized as one of the largest in Canada.

Diamond & Diamond Lawyers, initially founded by David Diamond, has been around for roughly 40 years. In 2013 Jeremy Diamond and his wife Sandra Zisckind and brother-in-law Isaac Zisckind became part owners and have since taken the firm to new heights.

So, how has Diamond and Diamond been able to evolve and adapt over the years? For Jeremy Diamond it comes down to two key elements – marketing and advertising, and a people-first focus.

As noted on the firm’s website, the Law Society of Upper Canada changed its rules in 1987 regarding advertising – the change allowed lawyers to advertise on any medium of their choice. At the time, few lawyers took advantage of this opportunity, but Diamond & Diamond wanted to be different – they wanted to be bold and strategized on developing multiple marketing techniques which started with advertising on a single radio station, followed by TV commercials, and a focus on their digital space.

To date, the firm has appeared on over 20 radio and TV stations, and print media publications. These efforts allowed Diamond and Diamond to reach and expand their audience.

“Our marketing is incredibly varied,” said managing partner, Sandra Zisckind. “At first we attracted certain demographics but today we cast a wider net, as our firm is accessible to all.”

In addition to exceptional marketing efforts, the community and trust Diamond and Diamond has created over the years with their people-first approach has been pivotal to the success of the firm.

“We learned early on that people want a firm who speaks to them and not above them,” Jeremy said in a press release a few years after the 2013 rebrand. “We give out our personal cell phone [numbers]. We’re a family-owned firm and it’s important that every client feels that we are a part of theirs.”

And of course, numbers enhance that sense of trust. Diamond & Diamond has hundreds of successful cases.

“Our class action suits claim damages in the billions,” said Diamond. “Because of our size and reputation we can take on the larger players and our clients value that.”

Diamond & Diamond can be recognized as ‘a people’s law firm’. This was made evident even more so in 2017 when the firm took a major step and expanded into a full-service law enterprise, previously primarily focusing on personal injury cases. According to the firm’s website, this need was identified when clients started asking about additional areas of law – real estate, corporate law, family law, etc.

“We answered the request of our clients,” said Zisckind. “So far it has worked out very well.”

Since becoming part owners back in 2013, Jeremy Diamond, Sandra, and Zisckind’s dedication to meeting and evolving with their client’s needs has resulted in Diamond & Diamond being one of the largest personal injury law firms in the country with no signs of slowing down soon.

And while growth and expansion are signs of success for any business, clients knowing that Diamond & Diamond will fight to the end for their rights is another key element at the firm.

Some of Diamond and Diamond’s areas of practice include car accidents, work-related injuries, and animal bites. To contact Jeremy Diamond, visit the Diamond and Diamond website today.

Diamond and Diamond’s areas of service include the GTHA (including Hamilton, Halton, and Peel regions), Collingwood, Prince Edward County, and Edmonton just to name a few.

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