Here’s Which Brands Mississauga Residents Trust The Most

Published August 21, 2019 at 4:52 am


Mississauga’s residents all have certain brands they trust more than others. Now, a recent poll is showing which brands are the most trustworthy, according to Canadians.

According to recent data collected by the University of Victoria, the top 10 brands that Canadians trust the most varied from stores, items and services.

The top spot went to Moutain Equipment Co-op (MEC), one of the best known outdoor equipment providers. It does make sense that many Canadians trust this brand, as the products they make are known for having excellent build quality and functionality. If there is anything someone needs for the outdoors, MEC probably has it.

Following after MEC, the Canadian Automobile Association/CAA/BCAA/AMA was next on the list. These services provide roadside assistance and coverage for motorists, and a majority of customers have had positive experiences with them.

The third most trusted brand is Costco Wholesale. This bulk-department store is known for having almost anything in large amounts. If someone needs to buy a large number of items for a reasonable price, their first choice will most likely be Costco according to the research.

The fourth and fifth spots on the list went to Home Hardware and Home Depot respectively. Many Canadians love to do yard work or home improvement, so it’s no surprise that they would favour the hardware stores that support their projects.

The next entry was Fairmont Hotels & Resorts, one of the more popular choices for travelling Canadians. Being on the top 10 list is a big win for the hotel chain, as it’s hard for Canadians to find a hotel system that they trustfully. 

Number 7 on the list is a household name; Band-Aid. One of the most popular brands of bandages in the world, the products do what they are supposed to do; stick and stay onto a wound until removed. It seems many Canadians agree with this claim, as the brand is the majority choice for bandages.

Staying on the subject of medical brands, the eighth spot on the list went to Shoppers Drug Mart/Pharmaprix. Whenever Canadians need to fill a prescription, get some bandages or even toothpaste, the popular drug store chain has one of the biggest selections of household products. It seems like many Canadians trust the brand to make it their primary choice when it comes to medicine.

Interac took the ninth spot on the list, which is no surprise as the majority of Canadians probably have at least one credit/debit card with brands service. Interac gives consumers a chance to make their purchases quickly and securely, so it makes sense that it would be trusted by many of its users.

Finally, the tenth spot was a tie between Columbia Sportswear and Canadian Tire. Both brands provide various goods and services for everyday and outdoor life. As Canadians love to be outside and active, it makes sense that both brands would be trusted for the quality of services.

You can read more about the trusted brands here.

Do you trust any of these brands?

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