Here’s when MiWay will be connecting Mississauga residents to the new Kipling Bus Terminal in Toronto


Good news for Mississauga residents who have to commute to Toronto, MiWay will begin servicing the new Kipling Bus Terminal in the new year.

The Kipling Transit Hub, located at Dundas Street and Subway Crescent in Toronto, will connect MiWay users--both express and local--to the TTC and GO Transit routes servicing the hub.

All MiWay routes that previously ended at Islington Station will end at the new Kipling Bus Terminal, and 10 MiWay routes will no longer service TTC Islington Station.

"This investment is significant and builds important connections to and from Mississauga, offering additional transit options to commuters and expanding Mississauga's transit network," Mayor Bonnie Crombie said in a news release.

"This project not only responds to growing traffic congestion, but it also supports the economic growth and prosperity of Mississauga and the Greater Toronto Hamilton Area (GTHA). Thank you to the teams at Ontario's Ministry of Transportation, Metrolinx and the City of Mississauga for working together and seeing this project to completion. This is a big step forward in building, connecting and delivering a world-class transit system to commuters in the GTHA," she continued.

Additionally, route 26 Burnhamthorpe will service Islington Station via on-street stops--both eastbound and westbound--before ending at the new Kipling Bus Terminal.

Further, the new Transit Hup will have An accessible terminal building with washroom facilities and seating areas, real-time departure screens at each of the 10 MiWay bus stop platforms, and PRESTO payment devices customers will be able to use to load funds on their cards.

It will also have an underground pedestrian tunnel that connects the new MiWay bus terminal and the existing TTC station--completion of which is expected for early 2021--and a pedestrian bridge over the train tracks, complete with elevators, to connect the new bus terminal to the GO train platform.

"Mississauga's transit system has been servicing Islington Station for almost 40 years. It has played an important role in connecting commuters to Mississauga and Toronto," Geoff Marinoff, Director of Transit for the City of Mississauga, said in the same release.

"With strategic investments being made to regional transit networks, and with provincial funding being made available to support the new Kipling Bus Terminal, commuters will more seamlessly be able to travel throughout the GTHA. This integration allows MiWay to connect commuters to multiple transit options while delivering safe, reliable and comfortable service to reach their destinations. It also improves connectivity, accessibility and other services to enhance the commuting experience and reduce wait times between transit connections," he continued.

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