Here's what you need to know about safe tap water consumption in Mississauga


The consumption of drinking tap water in schools has often been a concern for parents, so it’s important for parents and students to feel comfortable knowing that they have accessible and safe drinking water that they can trust.

The Region of Peel places high importance on the safe consumption of tap water, especially in schools.

Throughout the month of March, schools are invited to take part in 'The Great Gulp,' a celebration to raise awareness about access to safe and healthy tap water in the Region of Peel.

Students may get involved and join the movement by organizing a school-wide, synchronized drink of tap water.

Participating in ‘The Great Gulp’ is a fun and interactive way to create buzz and awareness around tap water.

The event, which also includes additional activities, creates a memorable learning experience where students will have the opportunity to learn about tap water in Peel.

By combining your celebration with these activities, you can also earn your school points towards Ontario EcoSchools certification and your school will have a chance to win prizes. 

For more information or to register your school, click here.

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