Here’s What You Need to Know About One of Mississauga’s Biggest Industries

Published April 17, 2019 at 4:44 pm


It may surprise you, but Mississauga has a growing aerospace industry that can compete on a global scale.

For centuries research and perfection into aerospace travel has been one of humanity’s biggest dreams. From hot air balloons to aeroplanes to space exploration, there seems to be no limit for how high and how far humans can go. This week is special for both experts and amateurs of the technology sector, as it is International aerospace week till the 19th. 

There are 28,000 workers and experts in the city’s industry that are skilled in science, technology, engineering, manufacturing and mathematics 

The city’s aerospace sector is home to 345 companies widely ranging in size. Among them are heavyweight companies such as Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Canada Aerospace, Pratt & Whitney Canada and Magellan Aerospace. 

Toronto’s Pearson International Airport is Canada’s largest and arguably most important airport, exports more than $31 billion, representing four percent of Ontario’s GDP.

As you may guess, aerospace not only includes research into air travel, but space travel as well. And all Canadians should be excited for what that means in the years to come.

On Feb. 28, Prime Minister Trudeau announced that Canada’s Space Agency would be contributing to NASA’s Lunar Gateway project, one of the world industry’s most ambitious project’s to date. The Gateway will operate in lunar orbit as both a research station and one day act as a launching station for manned missions to mars. 

 Credit to the GTA’s growing presence in the industry can also be given to Ontario’s many postsecondary programs focusing on aerospace. Both colleges and universities are offering students pathways to government and company positions that are revolutionizing the way humans live and travel our planet and beyond.

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