Food bank use in Mississauga climbs 60%, with 30,000 residents relying on it

Published January 3, 2022 at 3:00 pm

Here's what you can do to help The Mississauga Food Bank raise funds for those in need

It’s the season of giving, and The Mississauga Food Bank wants to make sure everybody gets to enjoy the holidays, including those who are struggling among us.

That’s why, as part of Mayor Crombie’s 2022 Holiday Food Drive, the city’s central food bank is calling on the community to help them raise their goal of $1,700,000 and 450,000 pounds of food by January 6, 2023.

All year round, The Mississauga Food Bank works to distribute food for over five million healthy meals each year for vulnerable children, seniors, families, and other hungry neighbours in Mississauga.

You can help by donating money, organizing your own fundraiser or food drive, volunteering and spreading the word!

While the holidays should be a cheerful time for everyone, recent reports paint a grim picture of poverty in Mississauga. This past November saw the highest ever number of people using The Mississauga Food Bank in one month, at 11,515 total food bank users.

Right now, The Mississauga Food Bank’s work is more important than ever. As the cost of living rises, many people are being forced to make sacrifices – and 45% of food bank users in Mississauga have reported going without food for at least one meal each month.

More and more Mississauga residents have fallen into poverty for several reasons, such as inflation pressures and the still-lingering effects of the pandemic.

Before the pandemic, 19,000 neighbours turned to The Mississauga Food Bank to put food on their plates. Now, over 30,000 neighbours rely on the food bank and their agencies across the city, marking a 60% increase.

The food bank says 33% of its users are children – that’s over 10,000 children in total.

If these stats worry you, then The Mississauga Food Bank urges you to show your support and contribute to Mayor Crombie’s 2022 Holiday Food Drive in any way you can.

There are many ways to help! Here’s how to pitch in and support this year’s Holiday Food Drive:

1. Make a financial donation. Those who can are asked to donate and help raise money, which The Mississauga Food Bank uses to purchase fresh food in bulk and provide food for healthy meals to neighbours. For every dollar donated, The Mississauga Food Bank can distribute healthy food for one meal!

2. Create your very own holiday-themed fundraising page. Set your own fundraising goal, share it with your friends, and celebrate in a meaningful way this holiday season while supporting your hungry neighbours.

3. Join Mayor Crombie’s Corporate Challenge. Gather your team and compete against other Mississauga-based companies to raise the most funds and food for neighbours in need! It’s a fun and competitive way to help the community.

4. Organize a food drive and collect urgently needed items for The Mississauga Food BankRight now, their most needed food items are cooking oil, peanut butter, pasta sauce, canned fruit, canned vegetables, chickpeas/lentils, baby food, juice packs, rice, flour, canned tuna, and dried beans.

5. Donate food at one of The Mississauga Food Bank’s drop-off locations! Donations can always be dropped off at The Mississauga Food Bank, located at 3121 Universal Drive in Mississauga, or at any Mississauga fire station. During Mayor Crombie’s 2022 Holiday Food Drive, you can also drop off donations at Mississauga City Hall, located at 300 City Centre Drive.

6. Spread the word. Share updates with your friends and family on FacebookInstagram, TwitterTikTok or LinkedIn.

7. Looking for other ways to help? Check out The Mississauga Food Bank’s volunteer opportunities.

When residents support The Mississauga Food Bank, they help single moms like Chantal and new Canadians like Celia build a better life for their families.

Since 1986, The Mississauga Food Bank has been a force for positive change in the city, providing healthy and appropriate meals to hungry neighbours and our most vulnerable communities. They lead a network of over 50 agencies including neighbourhood food banks, pantries, and meal and snack programs to distribute food for over five million meals each year in Mississauga.

Last year, The Mississauga Food Bank provided over 5.2 million pounds of healthy and appropriate food, enough for over 5.6 million meals!

For more info on everything The Mississauga Food Bank does (and how you can help), visit their website.

The 2022 Holiday Food Drive is proudly sponsored by the Nissan Canada Foundation.



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