Here's What To Do When You Get into a Car Crash


Oh no, it's finally happened! You promised yourself you would be the most careful person on the road, but nevertheless you got yourself (and your car) into a bit of a fender bender.

Don't worry, these things happen. Crashes are what they are.

You're driving along minding your own business when suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere, there is the sound of screeching tires and crunched metal and plastic. Then the feeling of disbelief comes in; all the normal parts of getting into a car collision.

When you've been involved in a car accident it can be a nerve racking experience, emotions can run high, especially when you're not sure of what to do next. Fortunately, Peel Regional Police have a very simple to do list of what you should do should you get into such an unfortunate situation.

Let's review the steps you should take and what you're required to do if you find yourself involved in a collision:

  • Make sure that you (and if you have any) and your passengers are okay. If there are any injuries then call 911.

  • If you car is still driveable and no one is injured, move your vehicle off the roadway to a safe location. Many people have been injured after a collision while looking at damage while standing in a live lane of traffic.

  • Activate your four-way hazard lights to increase your visibility.

  • Make contact with the other driver and, if they are injured, call 911.

  • Inspect the involved vehicles for damage and take photos if safe to do so.

  • Exchange driver licence information, vehicle ownership and insurance information with the other driver (take pictures of all documents)

  • If damage to the vehicles is less than $2,000 combined, there is no need to contact Police. If the estimated damage is more than $2,000 and the vehicles are driveable, go to a police division or collision reporting center.

  • Contact you insurance company, as it is prudent to notify them in any event of a collision or accident involving your vehicle.

Overall, remember to take some slow breaths after you're involved in an accident before you embark on these steps. It helps.

What also helps is making sure you follow some standard road safety tips while you're on the road.

Safe driving, everyone.

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